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  • CY-K6163i/CY-K6180 SERIES
    Lathe Features
    The lathe adopts new NC design, and the linked movement of X and Z axes are controlled by two servo motors.
    Broad lathe foot together with trapeziform section lathe bed, suitable for heavy cutting and finish machining.
    Plastic pasted slide ways with high rapid feed speed and wearibility.
    The headstock adopts 4 steps hydraulic auto-speed-changing system, which can realize infinitely-variable-speed-changing for each step.
    Various options for domestic or foreign NC system, GSK, Siemens, FANUC, Mitsubishi, etc.
    Fully-sealed or semi-sealed fencing system is configured with enjoyable appearance to enable an easy and safe operation.
    Spindle drive can choose frequency conversion motor and servo motor to achieve loxodrome cutting.
    The explanation, diagram and technical parameter are varying with continuous technology development without further notice.

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