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    Lathe Features
    High rigidity spindle system, with absolute temperature rising no higher than 35.
    The headstock, gear-box, apron and bed-ways are made of high quality cast iron, and are all cast with the resin sand foundry technology. The bed ways are induction-hardened, with hardness around HRC 55.
    The spindle supported by 3-pointed high-precision bearings and all gears in headstock are precisely grinded, the spindle turns smoothly at high speed.
    Rapid feed system to improve efficiency. Wide range of feed and pitch are available without changing gears.
    When rapid feeding is on, the tool slide longitudinal travel handwheel will be automatically disfunctioned.
    Reliable safety devices such as footbrake and emergency power-off switch are assembled. Adjustable overload protection device is also installed in the feed system.
    The tool post adopts the structure of ratchet pawl, and can be relocked by turning the lever for just half a lap.
    Tailstock are equipped with double-locked mechanism, smooth and effortless movement is ensured by the elastic scroll devices underneath.
    With capacity of swing over bed 660mm, swing in gap 830mm, distance between centers 1000 C 5000mm, this lathe covers wide range of working pieces.

    Standard accessories: Optional accessories:
    1. 3-jaw chuck
    2. Chip guard
    3. Foot brake
    4. Coolant system
    5. Illumination system
    6. Operation manual
    7. Full set of wrench and screw driver
    1. 4-jaw chuck
    2. Face plate
    3. Drive plate
    4. Steady rest
    5. Follow rest
    6. Thread chasing dial
    7. Live center
    8. Center
    9. Center sleeve
    10. Chuck cover
    11. Taper turning attachment(TTA)
    12. Micro stop for saddle
    13. 4-position stop for saddle
    14. 4-position stop for cross slide
    15. Quick change tool post
    16. Halogen work lamp
    17. Digital readout(DRO)
    18. Damping washer
    19. Foundation bolts
    20. CE standard compliance
    The explanation, diagram and technical parameter are varying with continuous technology development without further notice.

    Copyright(C) 2007-2015 CY Corporation.All Rights Reserved.
    Yunnan CY Group Co., Ltd
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